MAUD Supplies is a publishing house of furniture and decorative accessories.

Steel furniture, wooden objects and burned wood ( Shou sugi ban ).

From the beech top to the thermo-lacquered metal desk and the wooden mirror,

the sideboard on wheels (mini bar) or the valet of night (clothes rack),

MAUD designs all objects for the home, but also garden furniture, desks and tableware.

MAUD also offers a made-to-measure service, to design with you, your furniture in the dimensions and in the color you like.

All MAUD Supplies furniture and decorative objects are made in France (made in France), in sustainable and recyclable materials.

MAUD wants to propose a sober and timeless DESIGN at the fairest price for both the worker and the customer.

For furniture that lasts more than a lifetime, to be passed on and embellished.