Agile Ultra Durable Furniture




MAUD is a French brand of furniture and decorative objects.




Furniture with multiple uses that knows how to reinvent itself:


• from one room to another,

• from one home to another,

• from one user to another,

• from one era to another.




MAUD, passionate, committed, devoted, perfectionist, MAUD without compromise.




Furniture that lasts over time. Timeless style and impeccable quality.

Created in 2015 by Pierre Manas, joined by Paolo Levy in 2020, MAUD Supplies is an editor of furniture made from raw, robust and quality materials. Each piece is designed and tested in the family workshop in Bouzy-la-Forêt, then mass-produced or custom-made in France .


Pierre & Paolo are passionate about design, extremely demanding and obsessed with the quality of manufacture, concerned with always improving their products and offering them the longest life possible. In total rejection of trends, gadgets and even programmed obsolescence, they are convinced that beauty, solidity and sobriety are the major assets of a piece of furniture to make it stand the test of time.


After a long series of moves, Pierre and Paolo imagined an agile furniture: furniture that integrates with all styles of decorations, furniture whose dimensions fit everywhere, furniture thought to fulfill several uses that allow them to be indispensable from one house to another.


Pierre & Paolo do not believe in a fixed decoration that would be dedicated to a particular habitat. The furniture must accompany the life and the desires of their owners.


MAUD Supplies favors the use of mono-materials and multi-purpose, to design timeless and eco-responsible pieces that are free from fashions and trends.


A pure design that can be used for many purposes:


A coffee table can thus become a shelf, a bench, a console or a column.


Each piece of furniture or object is a model of simplicity, far from the effects of fashion and ephemeral trends.


For MAUD Supplies, a good design is a durable design, designed to withstand the trials of life.


From design to manufacturing, including raw materials, parts are made in France.


A qualitative and ecological creation process, which favors limited editions and mono-material to valorize the material and facilitate recycling.

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